PÂtisserie - Pastry products

  1. Chouquettes
    - Choux pastry puffs sprinkled with hail sugar. 
  2. Gougères 
    - Choux pastry puffs with gruyère cheese. 
  3. Eclairs - (flavours change seasonally.)
    3a - Chocolate crème eclair
    Crumble coated cocoa éclair filled with a chocolate crème pâtissière, finished with a house made chocolate fondant
    3b - Coffee eclair
    Crumble coated éclair filled with a coffee infused crème pâtissière, finished with a house made coffee fondant.
  4. Mini Croq
    - Individual croquembouche with crème pâtissière filled choux. Please ask for our current flavours.  
  5. Millefeuille
    - Caramelised puff pastry with a light vanilla crème.
  6. Taste aux Fraises 
    - The classic fresh strawberry tart, made with a sweet biscuit base, almond cream, a layer of strawberry compote, vanilla crème pâtissiere and fresh strawberries.
  7. Tarte au Citron Meringue 
    - Tangy lemon tart finished with a velvety Italian meringue. 
  8. Dôme au Citron 
    - Almond sablé base with a tangy and zesty lemon mousse dome. (gluten free)
  9. Macarons
    - Please ask for our current flavours.
  10. Petits Fours 
    - Mini versions of éclairs and a selection of our tarts and pâtisserie range.
  11. Cannelé 
    - Rum and vanilla perfumed pâtisserie which is caramelised on the outside and pudding like on the inside. 


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