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Each year Chouquette celebrates Christmas with a select range of artisan breads, viennoiserie and patisserie items.
We also create new flavours of the traditional French Christmas dessert "Bûche de Noël" with an additional selection
of savoury and sweet petits fours, shortbread, gingerbread biscuits, houses and trees.

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Artisan Breads – Viennoiserie – Patisserie
Choose from our selection of artisan breads, viennoiserie and patisserie items to accompany your celebratory feasts. 
See our product list here - Available by order or in-store. 


Bûche de Noël  $60 each 
Traditionally served at Christmas time in France
Traditionally the Yule log, is made to look like a log and decorated accordingly. Today there are many variations.
At Chouquette we offer a choice of three, which are on the lighter side, more appropriate to our warm summer.
Each Bûche de Noël serves six persons - Only available in-store. 
See below for images and descriptions of our three Bûche de Noël flavour offerings for this year.


Savoury Petits Fours  $32 Mixed dozen
Mini Quiches: Lorraine & Goats Cheese and Onion
Vol au Vents: Mushroom Béchamel & Smoked Ham Béchamel
Filled Choux: Smoked Salmon Mousse & Goats Cheese and Herb Mousse
Two of each per dozen - Available by order and in-store. 
Sweet Petits Fours  $30 Per Dozen   
Lemon Curd Tarte - sweet dough base, lemon curd and lemon glaze
Eclair Chocolat - filled with a dark chocolate crème pâtissière and finished with a chocolate coating
Griottes Financier - moist hazelnut cake with kirsch soaked griottes cherries
Paris Brest - choux pastry filled with a praline mousse, caramelised nuts and a trace of caramel
Shades of Chocolat - praline feuilletine base and three shades of chocolate mousse
Raspberry Tarte - sweet dough base filled with crème pâtissière and fresh raspberries
Vanilla Bean Shortbread & Gingerbread Biscuits | Gingerbread Village: Houses and Trees
Vanilla Bean Short Bread and Gingerbread Biscuits

Packet (approx. 150g)  $14.50 • Packet of baby gingerbread cookies  $8.50

Gingerbread Village: Houses and Trees
Small Trees  $18 • Large Trees  $34 • Small House  $39 • Medium House  $58 • Large House  $140
See images and a slide show of our products below - Available by order and in-store. 

Our three new Bûche de Noël flavour offerings for 2017

1. Bûche Traditionnelle Praliné
Traditional almond joconde rolled with a pure praline paste and a praline butter cream.  
Finished with chocolate chards and caramelised hazelnuts and almonds.  

2. Bûche Chocolat Caramel
Sacher sponge offering a dense and flavourful base, chocolate crèmeux, feuillantine and caramel chantilly centre, encased in a velvet chocolate mousse.  Beautifully finished with a chocolate mirror glaze, Dulcey chocolate pearls and snow flakes.  

3. Bûche Tropicale
Hazelnut dacquoise base with a whipped lime ganache and mango passionfruit jelly centre, encased by a mango mousse.
Finished with a passionfruit glaze.

Savoury and Sweet Petits Fours


Shortbread and Gingerbread Biscuits
The Gingerbread Village: Small and Large Trees | Small, Medium and Large Houses



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