Gateaux - Cake products

  1. Dulcey Tarte
    This tart has pâte sucrée base with a Dulcey biscuit, a caramel layer & finished with a Dulcey mousse. (Valhrona Dulcey is a high quality blonde chocolate with a creamy & toasty flavour range)
  2. Ruby Désir 
    - Honey and raspberry madeleine base with a  raspberry confit centre surrounded by a raspberry mousse.  
  3. Macaron Exotique 
    - coconut macaron layered with a mango mousse and a centre of confit mango and pineapple. Available as: Individual portion, 18cm and 24cm.
  4. Shades of Chocolat 
    - crunchy praline and feuilletine base, with three layers of chocolate mousse; dark, milk and white. Finished with a mirror glaze, chocolate decorations and gold leaf. Available as: individual portion, 4, 6 & 8 person portions.
  5. Le Bonheur 
    - a crunchy chocolate base, Kalingo chocolate ganache and a dark chocolate mousse, finished off with a red velvet chocolate. (A low lactose product.) 
    Available as: Individual portion, 4 persons and 6 person portions. Larger sizes are also available.


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