Gateaux - Cake products


Shades of Chocolat 

- crunchy praline and feuilletine base, with three layers of chocolate mousse; dark, milk and white. Finished with a mirror glaze, chocolate decorations and gold leaf. Available as: individual portion, 4, 6 & 8 person portions.


Salt flake chocolate brownie base with a thin layer of passionfruit confit and a gianduja chocolate ganache.  Finished with a milk chocolate and hazelnut coating and chocolate chantilly crème.  


- Hazelnut dacquoise base, kalamansi (exotic citrus) crémeux, pear compote and caramelised pear pieces, surrounded by an Anéo white chocolate mousse and decor. 

Jardin d'Hiver

- Citrus cake base with a thin feuillantine layer, mandarin jelly and fresh mandarin pieces, surrounded by a lemon myrtle whipped ganache. Finished with a velour and mandarin jelly decor.  







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