Drop in for breakfast, lunch or in-between. 

Dining with us is a unique sensory experience and a treasured ritual for members of the community. Pleasure is at the heart of the Chouquette experience; from the murmur of conversations in French, enticing aromas wafting from the adjacent kitchen to the smell of freshly ground coffee. Chouquette has become a celebrated institution over the past 10 years. 


1. Croissant - Flakey and served with butter and a slathering of Chouquette raspberry jam.
2. Savoury Croissant - Either ham and gruyére cheese or mushroom béchamel.
3. Chausson aux Pommes - Apple filled puff pastry.
4. Bowl of coffee - To be really French!
5. Breakfast a la Française - A sourdough baguette layered with butter and a generous serve of Chouquette raspberry jam.


6. Quiche - A selection of savoury quiches are available, served with a petite green salad.
7. Baguette sandwiches - Choose from our selection of half baguette sandwiches. Maybe a jambon fromage or a delicious hot smoked salmon brioche bun.
8. Tartine - A slice of sourdough bread rubbed with tomato and garlic, topped with prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil.
9. Salad - Ask about our salad of choice.

seasonal options

We introduce products to our dine with us menu as the seasons change. Please check with our staff in-store to confirm available options.
10. Iced coffee - Order an iced coffee to keep cool.
11. Soupe du Jour - Soup of the day served with a slice of our delicious sourdough. 


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