croquembouche centrepiece

A traditional French pâtisserie, a pièce montée, which is often served at weddings, christenings and many other celebrations. It is a cone shape of profiteroles (choux pastry filled with crème pâtissière) bound with toffee, and decorated with nougatine (slivered almonds and caramel). 

Ordering your croquembouche
We recommend a serve is 3 or 4 choux per person:  $3.50 per choux
Crème Pâtissière flavours:  (Two flavours maximum)
Vanilla • Grand Marnier • Kirsh • Chocolate • Cappuccino • Rum
• 50 Choux - approximately 35cm high
• 80 Choux - approximately 50cm high
• 120 Choux - approximately 65cm high
Any additional choux in between these sizes or in addition will include the same flavour filling as per those on the croquembouche and provided in boxes. 

Standard decorations are a nougatine base and some hail sugar. These are all appropriately presented according to the size of the croquembouche.
Should you wish to have a more detailed decoration, such as roses and leaves (additional $5 for one rose and two leaves) or a personalised theme or shape, this may be arranged at an extra cost by discussing your requirements with our staff. All barrel shaped croquembouche will incur an additional cost of $30.
While we will make every effort to meet your requests, please be aware that each pièce montée is different and therefore variations will occur.


Storage of your Croquembouche: 
A croquembouche needs to be kept in a cool, air conditioned space. It can not be put in a fridge or coldroom as the toffee which holds it together will take in the humidity and may melt. Due to the hot and humid weather, please follow these instructions, as once the croquembouche has left Chouquette we can not guarantee its condition.  

Please ensure that you are two people to collect - a driver and one to hold the croquembouche on their lap. When you collect your croquembouche we will give instructions on how to get it safely to your destination.  

We are unable to offer delivery of Croquembouche. As a result, please ensure that you arrange to have a vehicle that has enough space for the
croquembouche to sit on the passenger's lap.   

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