Boulangerie - Artisan bread products

  1. Baguette
  2. Baguette Traditionnelle - Pointed baguette
  3. Demi Baguette & Ficelle - Half size pointed baguette
  4. Mini Bread Rolls - (by pre-order only)
  5. Small Sourdough
  6. Large Sourdough
  7. Mother Loaf Sourdough - (2kg pre-order only)
  8. Spelt Sourdough - (Weekends only)
  9. Wholemeal Sourdough
  10. Light Rye Sourdough - (Weekends only or by pre-order)
  11. Mixed Grain Sourdough
  12. Walnut & Raisin Loaf - (Weekends only or by pre-order)
  13. Fruit, Nut & Spice Loaf - (Weekends only or by pre-order)
  14. Pain aux Olives - Olive bread (Weekends only or by pre-order)
  15. Brioche Buns - Burger & slider (pre-order only)

Our breads are lovingly made at our sister company; Crust & Co. in Wilston. They are all made using traditional slow fermentation processes and only the purest of ingredients and a sourdough culture. Our authentic handmade approach creates a bread which is full of flavour and has a great texture and crust. 

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